Welcome to NOS AND RESTORED CADILLAC PARTS. COM. I specialize In CADILLAC ONLY, new old stock and restored original parts. My inventory includes original parts for your classic Cadillac built from the mid 30’s trough mid 70’s.

I have over 5000 different parts and sets of parts numbers listed in my Cadillac parts data base. All are original and genuine Cadillac parts! No reproductions of originals pieces made in Asia. Some are rare, very rare, unusual or simply unique and when they are gone, they are gone!
I am adding parts daily, if you can’t find the part that you need e-mail me with your original part number and /or description and I will, list check my list to see if it’s available. My online store carries over 5000 different part numbers of original Cadillac stock.
Many of my parts are multiple, the picture on the ad may or may not be the exact part that you will receive, however all parts will be as described in prints and photos. If you have any questions about parts, pricing or shipping, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I believe Cadillac cars are the world’s greatest automobiles and I truly enjoy everything about the old car hobby. I have restored many Cadillac over the past 30 years. Buying NOS parts, old parts and antique parts to show quality became another hobby of mine. A challenge by itself, so with time, I have accumulated thousands of Cadillac parts and it is now time for me to sell them all!


From my climate controlled warehouse, if an item sells out, the ad will no longer be visible online. I am dedicated to providing you with the parts you need when you need them. You can place your orders with confidence: I sell the parts that were made by the manufacture of your car and for your car. I stand behind every part that I sell. I ship on weekday, as soon as payment is made.

If you cannot find what you need? Please check back, I add parts to my internet store daily. If you still don’t see what you are looking for, do let me know. I answer email requests whith parts number first, and then I answer email parts requests that require more extensive research to look up parts numbers. Please understand that I receive constant requests that totally overwhelms my limited time. I understand how expensive it can be to buy Parts Books for your car, so, I am happy to help you use my library to find the part’s number that you need. So please be very accurate in your description, especially if you don’t have the exact part’s number.

I do not have a catalogue for everything: the scale is just too large! My online inventory is an up to date catalogue. So you will be able to search my inventory by years or by group.

Almost everything that I sell is NOS, restored to show quality or like slightly used new old stock. Most of the parts are in original boxes, except when I had to repack the item to protect it from shelf wear or deterioration.


If you have any Cadillac parts to sell, please feel free to contact me and I will help you turn your obsolete and non-returnable inventory into cash! Send me an email with details at:


Cadillac parts only: new old stock items, restored like new stock and used but like new stock NOS parts. Any quantity is of interest to me: single parts or large quantities.


NEW OLD STOCK : (NOS) is new unused original stock that has has been on the shelf 10, 20, 40 years or even more. Some items show shelf wear or scuff marks due to movement in the box over time. I strive to show quality pictures and descriptions of the items that I sell.

RESTORED TO SHOW : an original part that is in very good condition and working order and that was restored to the level of new old stock or as close as possible.

LIKE NEW OLD STOCK : a part that was out of a car, used but so nice that you cannot tell or hardly see the difference when compared to a NOS part.

CHROME PARTS : there is a difference between factory and show quality chrome. Show chrome has usually a deeper, richer shine and finish than factory. Do not expect show quality finish from stock parts.

PART IDENTIFICATION : it takes a lot of time and research to do this. Thousands of hours have gone into the identification of my parts. Always try to show the part’s number on the photos. You may find that, with the large number of parts that I deal with, there might be errors, whether it is my mistake or a misprint out of a parts manual. I try to be as accurate as possible.

PHOTOS : they are provided for all my parts. Many of my parts are multiple, so the photos on the online store may or may not be the exact part that you ordered, however all the parts will be as described in print and photos. The part number of the item the photo that you are ordering is the right one for your car. If you have any concern or doubt, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Phone: +1 514 808 3347